A string of coups across the Sahel region of Africa may be allowing Russian influence into some of Africa’s most resource-rich nations.
Several governments across the world face social and humanitarian crises and civil war that threaten collapse.
Several hundred special operations forces are set to redeploy to Somalia under an order signed by President Joe Biden.
Laye Sekou Camara, known in Liberia as “Dragon Master,” has been charged with fraudulently covering up his past as a guerrilla general.
A new naval base in Africa could pose a threat to America’s eastern seaboard, especially from Chinese nuclear ballistic missile submarines.
Two top American generals testified to Congress on economic and military inroads being made by Russia and China in Africa, challenging US influence.
The UN says only about 100 Afghans have died in Taliban revenge killings. Vulnerable Afghans are hiding and keeping their own count of those who disappear.
A woman and ISIS supporter accused of teaching kids in Syria how to use suicide belts and AK-47 rifles is slated to appear in federal court Monday.