Members of the Biloxi chapter of the Air Force Sergeants Association found eight bricks of cocaine, wrapped in tape and plastic for smuggling and labeled with “Dior” stickers, washed up on a Biloxi beach.
A Russian satellite is stalking a secret US spy satellite and may have passed suspiciously close to the classified American ship Thursday, Aug. 4.
Some female service members are purchasing male editions of the Army and Air Force hot weather uniforms and paying to have them tailored to meet presentation standards.
Going from enlisted grunt to flying attack helicopters isn’t easy. Former machine-gunner, CWO2 Joseph Canty, shares his hard-earned advice on making the leap.
A wayward cargo load smashed the rotor blades on their Chinook. Somehow, they flew it home.
The Air Force says it will no longer let pets sit in hot holding areas during military PCS moves after a Marine Corps family’s dog died en route to Okinawa, Japan.
Niloofar Rahmani describes her fight to become Afghanistan’s first female pilot, her recent memoir, and her mission to fly for America.
Two other cadets who were in the HMMWV were taken to the hospital following the accident that claimed Mackenzie Wilson’s life.
The first female combat controller graduated this week as a special tactics officer, or STO, an officer equivalent of the elite commandos.
Air Force fighter pilot Capt. Brian Udell still holds the record for surviving the highest-speed ejection from a fighter aircraft.
An airman is being investigated in connection with a blast targeting an ammunition holding area and shower facility at a base in Syria.
An Air Force C-17 crew obeyed “applicable rules of engagement” on a flight from Kabul last summer in which human remains were found in the wheel wells.
The crew of Reach 824, a secret C-17 flight in the early hours of the Kabul airlift, were on a mission to deliver a special ops helicopter.
An Air Force captain close to becoming the first woman to qualify as a combat control operator received no preferential treatment, the IG found.
Lt. Richard Bullock was identified as the pilot killed in a Navy F/A-18 crash on June 3. His F/A-18 Super Hornet crashed near Trona, California.
A crash of a Navy F/A-18 fighter jet killed a Navy pilot Friday in a remote area of California desert near the Nevada border.
Three combat controllers say leaders at the Combat Control School and higher have not enforced two training rules during a female student’s enrollment.
In addition to more lenient tattoo rules, the new Space Force grooming policy allows for longer mustaches and more makeup on guardians.
“Operation Fly Formula” may use US military planes to rush European baby formula to the US in the face of a national shortage.
The Air Force may be changing its tattoo policy to allow neck tattoos for Space Force recruits and hand ink for recruits in both branches.
Master Sgt. Cory Haggett, an Air Force pararescueman, received a Silver Star and a Bronze Star on Friday, recognizing his actions during an ambush in Yemen.
Capt. Taylor Bye’s jet started falling apart midair during a sortie. Superb airmanship saved the pilot and earned her the prestigious Kolligian Trophy.
An anonymous whistleblower in a lawsuit has alleged that the secretary of the Air Force told commanders to refuse requests for religious vaccine exemptions.
Balancing an Air National Guard deployment with his job as school principal wasn’t easy, but the town gave 1st Sgt. Drew Wagner an exuberant welcome back.
The alleged ammo theft was uncovered after the FBI started investigating one Air Force member for anti-government social media posts.