Marine Corps veteran Phil Klay is the author of two novels and a collection of essays.
Neal McCallum dedicated 46 years of service to Uncle Sam, first as a US Marine in World War II, then later as a federal law enforcement officer.
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Mileage may vary when it comes to Joseph Heller’s Catch‑22, but I rarely find a fellow service member who’s read the book who doesn’t at least find the material recognizable in their own experiences.
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All troops masturbate downrange, but not all in the same place. Where they choose to do it is crucial to understanding who they are.
Mark “The Sandman” Davis loves guns and dressing up like a tactical Grim Reaper, yet he’ll do whatever it takes to avoid actual danger.
In the Vietnam War, American GIs faced a variety of deadly booby traps, from punji sticks to hand grenades encased in dried mud.
A new trailer for the latest “Star Wars” series, “Andor,” shows a glimpse into a new, unique world — except for the shot of a character armed, inexplicably, with a Soviet-style AK-47.
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Chris Fettes, a former Navy SEAL, used to make ice cream for his teammates between combat missions. Now, as the owner of Be Free Craft Ice Cream in Virginia, he is sharing his delicious frozen treats with the wider world.
A compelling new memoir recounts the Battle for Sangin and the fall of Kabul through the eyes of two men: a US Marine and an Afghan interpreter.
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In 1983, a blizzard sank the SS Marine Electric, drowning almost all of its crew. The tragedy revealed the need for a human element in the Coast Guard’s rescue process.
Charles “Chuck” Mawhinney killed more than 100 enemy combatants during his time in Vietnam, becoming the deadliest scout sniper in Marine Corps history.
Released in 1944, ‘The Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress’ captured the gritty reality in a B-17 of aerial combat in Europe.