A man tumbled three stories down one of South Dakota’s famous granite spires.
Myths about the tampon — used for centuries to passively absorb a few milliliters of menstrual blood — continue to plague first-aid courses.
When building an individual first-aid kit, or IFAK, I outfit my aid bag using the MARCH acronym. Here’s what you need to know.
Following mass shootings in a Buffalo grocery and in Uvalde, Texas, South Carolina first responders practiced stopping mass shootings faster.
Hemorrhaging is the leading cause of potentially survivable death. So how do you properly pack a wound? Dr. Fisher has the details.
New Hampshire paramedic Todd A. Burnim drugged and sexually abused at least two children, according to prosecutors. He was arrested Jan. 18.
When the Yakutat cops arrived at the Dry Bay crash, they saw where the plane had sheared off the treetops before careening into the pines.
During Arizona’s annual Ostrich Festival, emergency responders needed to reach and retrieve an unresponsive patient within a large crowd.
He was trapped in an ice crevasse knifed into the side of Mount Rainier, his arm and leg busted, his buddy nearly eight stories above him.
He was lost atop Oregon’s Munra Point, barefoot, wearing only a wet T-shirt and shorts, with a dead cell phone. Time to call the Crag Rats.
The Snake River Canyon is a high-angle rescue wonderland watched over by the Magic Valley Paramedics Special Operations Rescue Team.
The emergency management director of the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania stole and sold thousands of COVID-19 masks.
Arctic conditions hundreds of feet above Idaho’s Snake River couldn’t stop Twin Falls rescuers from rushing to save a fallen ice climber.
With a cold front rolling into a black night, four crews in the air and on the snow rushed to save a woman and dog lost on the Grand Mesa.
Almost 30 years to the day that Dr. Michael Shannon saved Chris Trokey, the Orange County paramedic would return the favor.