Marine Corps veteran Phil Klay is the author of two novels and a collection of essays.
Jean-Claude Van Damme, though a monster in his own right, just couldn’t hack it as the Predator. Here’s why.
Hollywood star Ezra Miller was charged with felony burglary tied to a booze heist.
A new trailer for the latest “Star Wars” series, “Andor,” shows a glimpse into a new, unique world — except for the shot of a character armed, inexplicably, with a Soviet-style AK-47.
The newest predator movie, “Prey,” debuts as a Hulu original on Aug. 5 and it might be the closest to the original yet, or it might suck.
Oliver Stone’s 1986 Vietnam epic is one of the greatest war films of all time, and it’s even better if you know the full story.
From flaming shotgun rounds to the face to testicle-popping fur missiles, these five scenes show that the John Wick franchise hasn’t lost its brutal touch.
Chris Fettes, a former Navy SEAL, used to make ice cream for his teammates between combat missions. Now, as the owner of Be Free Craft Ice Cream in Virginia, he is sharing his delicious frozen treats with the wider world.
A compelling new memoir recounts the Battle for Sangin and the fall of Kabul through the eyes of two men: a US Marine and an Afghan interpreter.
The iconic World War II miniseries remains the gold standard for war dramas, but it’s also full of interesting stories you probably didn’t know.
Glen Powell of ‘Top Gun’ is back in the cockpit this fall for the upcoming Korean War film ‘Devotion.’
“The Terminal List” is finally here, and holy shit, does it deliver. Chris Pratt gives his best performance yet as a Navy SEAL on the warpath.
Keni Thomas didn’t think twice about whether to reenlist in the days after 9/11. He felt the same call to the fight he had a decade prior.
When Pierce Brosnan came along, we were well into the 1990s, and James Bond desperately needed some updating.
It’s hard to think of an extreme motor sport that Travis Pastrana hasn’t participated in at the highest levels — and mastered.
When it comes to the shadowy world of spycraft, some stories stand above the crowd. These are five essential books about secret agents.
Navy SEAL Jack Carr sat down with us to discuss his latest thriller, “In The Blood,” which follows James Reece on his journey of vengeance.
New memoir “The Yank” recounts how a Recon Marine used his special operations training to smuggle guns and become a deadly IRA foot soldier.
Brad Thomas feels he was destined for a career in music. But he put that on hold to serve an even greater purpose — joining the military.
George Carlin had a short and bumpy stint in the US Air Force, but his comedy routines remain relevant even 14 years after his death.
In addition to all the epic moments stuffed into “Black Hawk Down,” there are several behind-the-scenes stories you probably didn’t know.
It’s been 78 years since the invasion of Normandy, and “The Longest Day” remains one of the most comprehensive D-Day films ever made.
In “Scars and Stripes,” Tim Kennedy uses his own shortcomings to offer an alternative perspective on the failures we all experience.
Everyone’s favorite Force-choking villain is back with a vengeance, yet Darth Vader isn’t nearly as diabolical as originally conceived.
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