Riding along with future military medics in New Jersey
In 2018, Marcus and Amber Capone formally launched Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions, which has provided grants to more than 500 special operations veterans to travel outside the US to experience a five-day course to undergo an ibogaine treatment and then rest and rejuvenate before ingesting 5-MeO-DMT, sometimes called “the God particle.”
The regional government in north and east Syria declares a state of emergency as Turkey threatens invasion. Troops on the front say they’re ready for war.
The Air Force’s most secret and combat-hardened operators are learning to spot, treat, and prevent moral injury.
Willie’s Distillery, founded by a former Army Ranger and Green Beret, has turned into a local treasure and nationally distributed brand in Ennis, Montana.
The war in Ukraine may seem too distant to disrupt your life. But what you see on TV and social media may be the start of America’s next war.
Coffee or Die Magazine spent one weekend in July with Patrol Base Abbate, a fast-growing nonprofit that helps veterans rest and refit.
The crew of Reach 824, a secret C-17 flight in the early hours of the Kabul airlift, were on a mission to deliver a special ops helicopter.
Raid Team 1, formed by a group of elite warriors, flies across the skies of Fort Bragg and Fayetteville in their most radical skateboarding “takeover” ever.
Hank, a black Labrador, helped save Army veteran William Cole’s life. In early 2022, Hank was found to have an aggressive canine cancer.
On Aug. 8, 2008, Recon Marines went looking for a fight with the Taliban near Shewan. Eight hours later, 100 enemy fighters lay dead.
Now that Terry Houin has retired from a storied career in the US Navy SEALs, his mission is to help veterans transition to civilian life.
Operation Just Cause began on Dec. 20, 1989, President George H.W. Bush ordered Army Rangers to invade Panama to depose Manuel Noriega.
The Snake River Canyon is a high-angle rescue wonderland watched over by the Magic Valley Paramedics Special Operations Rescue Team.
An interpreter and his family spent six months in hiding from the Taliban, praying for the day they would be able to escape Afghanistan.
Jared Wharton, a 4-2 Stryker Brigade veteran, has been serving up culture and community with craft beer since late 2017 at FOB Brewing.
Green Beret and mountain warfare instructor Jason Howell is training 24/7 (yes, even while he sleeps) for his Mount Everest climb.
The Veterans Charity Ride is an annual pilgrimage from Utah to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, a mecca for bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts.
A Navy special ops dog handler helped take out eight enemy fighters during a raid, but his dog was in the middle of it all.
Warfighter Overwatch works to heal veterans struggling with PTSD by re-creating a sense of community like they had in the military.
Josh Smith held a long blade in his hand. Maybe 18 inches long, it was still black and ragged from the forge. But he had a point to make.
From items material and sentimental to pieces of ourselves and souls to friends who fought alongside us, here is what remains in Afghanistan.
Jason Everman has been a Nirvana guitarist, Soundgarden bassist, Army Ranger, Green Beret, monk, sailboat captain, writer, and so much more.
The 10th Mountain Division’s rescue of Courage 53, a Black Hawk helicopter shot down over Mogadishu on Sept. 25, 1993, has largely been forgotten.
Seven years later, the war in eastern Ukraine is far from over — on the front line, daily shelling, as well as sniper and drone attacks, continue to kill.