Neal McCallum dedicated 46 years of service to Uncle Sam, first as a US Marine in World War II, then later as a federal law enforcement officer.
One hot summer day 29 years ago, a deranged man with a mullet and a .38 revolver was disarmed in the most epic way imaginable.
Walt Shumate’s exploits as a Green Beret in Vietnam, then as an original member of “The Unit,” earned him (and his mustache) a lasting place in the pantheon of special operations heroes.
In the Vietnam War, American GIs faced a variety of deadly booby traps, from punji sticks to hand grenades encased in dried mud.
On April 10, 1944, Maj. Donald K. Willis was piloting his P-38 Lightning over Germany on a bombing mission when enemy flak struck one of his engines.
The Marine Corps War Memorial in Arlington immortalizes the raising of the American flag over Iwo Jima, but not all of the men who were actually there.
In 1983, a blizzard sank the SS Marine Electric, drowning almost all of its crew. The tragedy revealed the need for a human element in the Coast Guard’s rescue process.
Charles “Chuck” Mawhinney killed more than 100 enemy combatants during his time in Vietnam, becoming the deadliest scout sniper in Marine Corps history.
Released in 1944, ‘The Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress’ captured the gritty reality in a B-17 of aerial combat in Europe.
From Special Forces to paratroopers, these four American units performed multiple combat jumps in the Vietnam War.
In the summer of 2011, the New England Patriots hosted a military training exercise for US Navy SEALs, and a SEAL K9 bit quarterback Tom Brady.
In 1969, MACV-SOG commando Robert Graham used a 55-pound bow with razor-edged broadhead arrows in combat during the Vietnam War.
Brian Shul was nearly killed flying his 212th combat mission during the Vietnam War. He recovered and later flew combat missions over Libya.
Dennis Fujii, an Army Dustoff helicopter crew chief, will receive the Medal of Honor for actions in Laos during the Vietnam War.
A sensational story from World War II reports saltwater crocodiles killed nearly 1,000 Japanese soldiers, leaving only 20 survivors.
In 1913, Georgia “Tiny” Broadwick became the first woman to skydive from an airplane and later taught US Army soldiers how to do the same.
The wet season in tropical Australia begins with tension. Physical tension, caused by the friction of earth and clouds.
Motorcycles have long been a favorite transportation mode for the US military. Sure, your Tesla can park itself, but will it help kill terrorists?
Since WWI, five unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, have transformed America’s air capabilities and brought them into the modern age.
This is the first article in a series dedicated to spotlighting the last major engagements of American conflicts. In the American Revolution, it was the Siege of Yorktown.
A CIA case officer dishes on iconic military watches, how technology can be a liability, and why sometimes cheaper is actually better.
In 1991, British SAS trooper Chris Ryan survived the longest escape and evasion in SAS history. He credits his training for his survival.
World War II veterans make what might be their last pilgrimage to Omaha Beach on the 78th anniversary of D-Day.
From the scouts who guided in Allied landing craft to combat demolition experts, these specialized units proved vital on D-Day.
She handed cards to villagers, each sheet printed with a brief story about what her 101-year-old husband did here in Normandy 78 years ago.