An RPG-launcher-carrying robot “dog” shown off at a Russian technology show is made in China and has a battery life of about an hour.
Health care providers in Kansas and Colorado paid hackers who had seized their computer systems.
Chinese media reported on an impending test flight of a strategically important aircraft, prompting predictions the nation’s first stealth bomber, commonly known as the Xian H-20, may soon be unveiled.
The Biden administration announced charges against four Chinese nationals accused of hacking US institutions on behalf of China.
US-Australian training exercise Talisman Sabre, which focuses on potential war in the Pacific, is taking place under Uranus’ watchful eye.
Iran has in recent years increasingly reached out to China in the face of growing US pressure to isolate Tehran.
As the coronavirus spread in China, the government stage-managed what appeared on the domestic internet to make the virus look less severe.
China is pushing the limits of technology: When it comes to artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, and controlling the weather, what could go wrong?
The US armed services are evolving to face the threats posed by near-peer adversaries such as China and Russia.