An RPG-launcher-carrying robot “dog” shown off at a Russian technology show is made in China and has a battery life of about an hour.
While citizens in Ukraine’s capital are no longer hunkered in bomb shelters, the war is far from over.
McDonald’s announced Thursday it would re-open some restaurants in Kyiv and western Ukraine, ending a countrywide shutdown that began on Feb. 24, the day Russia’s full-scale invasion began.
Ukraine launched a “humiliating” attack against a Russian air base in Crimea, destroying many Russian warplanes and buildings.
After his prison sentence is up, Dilshod Khusanov will be deported to Uzbekistan.
Shahram Poursafi, 45, has been indicted as the mastermind behind the plot.
Nuclear safety experts said shelling of a Ukrainian nuclear plant could be a disaster as Russia ups nuclear rhetoric.
The United States will send $1 billion in additional military aid to Ukraine, the largest arms package yet announced under President Joe Biden’s Presidential Drawdown Authority.
US officials moved to seize an Airbus A319-100 belonging to Russian oligarch Andrei Skoch.
Despite being outnumbered, Ukrainian air defenses have held Russian bombers and fighters at bay and even had success against Russian cruise missiles.
Born in Saudi Arabia, raised in Canada, terrorist Mohammed Khalifa fought in Syria against the US. He will spend the rest of his days behind bars.
A pair of videos published on pro-Russian Telegram channels this week appear to show Russian soldiers castrating and executing a defenseless Ukrainian prisoner of war.
The Biden administration has offered to exchange convicted arms dealer Viktor Bout for Brittney Griner and Paul Whelan, but negotiations with Russia appear sluggish.
Stiff Ukrainian resistance, bolstered by Western weapons deliveries, has stalled the Russian invasion.
The Russian army hates the US-built M142 HIMARS so much, its official spokespeople and Russian-leaning social media accounts are making up stories about destroying the systems.
Defense attorneys claimed the FBI had entrapped the Tennessee social worker in its counterterrorism sting, but she took a plea deal.
Health care providers in Kansas and Colorado paid hackers who had seized their computer systems.
Chinese media reported on an impending test flight of a strategically important aircraft, prompting predictions the nation’s first stealth bomber, commonly known as the Xian H-20, may soon be unveiled.
A scathing report from the BBC alleges one British SAS squadron may have illegally killed 54 people during a six-month-long deployment to Afghanistan.
How Russia is conducting its campaign against Ukraine may reflect faulty initial assumptions about the utility of missiles in war against a modern adversary.
The regional government in north and east Syria declares a state of emergency as Turkey threatens invasion. Troops on the front say they’re ready for war.
Russian forces withdrew from Snake Island on Thursday, June 30, marking a largely symbolic victory for Ukraine.
A string of coups across the Sahel region of Africa may be allowing Russian influence into some of Africa’s most resource-rich nations.