Northern Georgia news station WRWH quoted local emergency officials in reporting that the soldiers were Rangers and that a tree fell on the group after snapping in high wind on Yonah Mountain.
To cut costs and spur Caisson Platoon readiness, Big Army decided to buy only black horses for funeral details.
As a recruit headed to basic training, Tyrice Melvin found himself seated next to Maj. Gen. Milford H. Beagle Jr., who had been the commander of Melvin’s basic training company.
Five teams from some of the Army’s top conventional units competed this week in the 18th Airborne Corps Best Squad Competition.
US Army recruiters are joining forces with a North Carolina company to host the San Diego Skate Jam.
Army recruits who don’t pass the service’s body fat standards or aptitude test may get a second chance as the military confronts a dire recruiting landscape.
Some female service members are purchasing male editions of the Army and Air Force hot weather uniforms and paying to have them tailored to meet presentation standards.
The Fort Gordon area saw a storm cell Wednesday morning that delivered at least 235 lightning strikes within 15 minutes.
Thousands of soldiers and veterans may have a flag on their criminal record — despite never being formally charged with a crime — for participating in the National Guard Recruiting Assistance Program, or G-RAP.
Air Force Col. Kenneth Bode wrote a scathing letter about the toxic leadership culture at Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC).
Sgt. Seth P. Vision was assigned to Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Alaska but was in Ohio at the time of the motorcycle crash.
Amid recruitment and attrition woes, the Army has loosened its tattoo regs. But it’s too little, too late, for one potential soldier.
A Texas woman tweeted about finding and taking an unsecured rifle left by members of the Texas National Guard in an empty, unlocked truck.
Prosecutors said the soldier had ties to the Satanic neo-Nazi group Order of the Nine Angles and hoped the attack would spark a new war.
At the Mint 400, the Green Berets used their Ground Mobility Vehicle to pull other racers out of ditches — freeing the oppressed to the end.
Congress may soon mandate gender-neutral fitness standards for combat arms positions throughout the military.
An Army officer was sentenced to four months confinement after a soldier was fatally shot at a Fort Campbell firing range.
Capt. Christopher Peeples was convicted of failing to enforce safety procedures at a Fort Campbell firing range where an Army private died.
National Guard members hope lawmakers will remove what they say are unfair negative marks on their records from a recruiting scandal.
Army soldiers battled in “Dragoon Fight Night” as the 2nd Cavalry Regiment held a combatives tournament in a caged MMA-style ring.
Both the soldier and the suspected shooter were attending a party Saturday night in Parkland, Washington, according to deputies.
Four service members were injured by the explosion in April at military base known as Green Village in eastern Syria.
The Army’s newest division, the 11th Airborne in Alaska, may be split between traditional paratrooper and air assault elements.
In a whiplash 24 hours, a Colorado high schooler became a track and field state champion and shipped to Marine Corps boot camp the next morning.
Irma Garcia, who died in the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, was a longtime schoolteacher and a proud mom of a Marine Corps Reservist.