Members of the Biloxi chapter of the Air Force Sergeants Association found eight bricks of cocaine, wrapped in tape and plastic for smuggling and labeled with “Dior” stickers, washed up on a Biloxi beach.
A Florida veteran who faked a limp, wore an adult diaper to his VA appointments, and lied about getting PTSD from combat is going to prison.
Riding along with future military medics in New Jersey
A Fort Bragg Green Beret and his wife, both born and raised in Ukraine, have shipped $300,000 of aid to Ukraine.
With the passage of the PACT Act, veterans can now sign up to have their cases reviewed. Here’s how.
The signing of the PACT Act marks a major milestone in the protracted effort to improve treatment for veterans suffering from conditions linked to burn pit exposure.
Sarah Jane Cavanaugh, 31, told federal judge she’d made up her whole story.
Northern Georgia news station WRWH quoted local emergency officials in reporting that the soldiers were Rangers and that a tree fell on the group after snapping in high wind on Yonah Mountain.
Andy Stumpf flies higher than most commercial pilots, except he doesn’t have a plane. Okay, he does — but most of the time, he just has a parachute.
Special Forces veteran Mike Glover weighs in on an alleged FBI document leaked to the media that identifies several groups, including one of his own, as extremists.
To cut costs and spur Caisson Platoon readiness, Big Army decided to buy only black horses for funeral details.
A Russian satellite is stalking a secret US spy satellite and may have passed suspiciously close to the classified American ship Thursday, Aug. 4.
As a recruit headed to basic training, Tyrice Melvin found himself seated next to Maj. Gen. Milford H. Beagle Jr., who had been the commander of Melvin’s basic training company.
An Air Force explosive ordnance disposal, or EOD, expert was charged with setting off explosives inside a base in Syria.
Two senior Army generals mused over what “units of action” — such as pairs of drone-toting soldiers — might look like in the future and whether the Army might need new MOSs.
Five teams from some of the Army’s top conventional units competed this week in the 18th Airborne Corps Best Squad Competition.
US Army recruiters are joining forces with a North Carolina company to host the San Diego Skate Jam.
The suicide crisis among veterans is well documented. But the rate among active-duty forces is also far above that of civilian peers.
Democratic lawmakers and some advocacy groups are rallying in DC, demanding the Senate pass a massive bill providing benefits to veterans exposed to burn pit smoke and other toxins overseas.
Army recruits who don’t pass the service’s body fat standards or aptitude test may get a second chance as the military confronts a dire recruiting landscape.
Some female service members are purchasing male editions of the Army and Air Force hot weather uniforms and paying to have them tailored to meet presentation standards.
Going from enlisted grunt to flying attack helicopters isn’t easy. Former machine-gunner, CWO2 Joseph Canty, shares his hard-earned advice on making the leap.
The service will stand down use of its new ACVs during an investigation.
The Fort Gordon area saw a storm cell Wednesday morning that delivered at least 235 lightning strikes within 15 minutes.