The service will stand down use of its new ACVs during an investigation.
The Navy has punished 28 sailors — from an enlisted master chief to a retired admiral — for their roles in the fire that destroyed the Bonhomme Richard.
Rep. Chris Smith is pushing new medical care rules in the NDAA after the BUD/S “Hell Week” death of SEAL trainee Kyle Mullen.
Three Iranian speed boats buzzed within 50 yards of two US Navy ships. The Americans fired warning flares at the smaller vessels.
The Navy fired the captain of an Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer Tuesday, the second destroyer captain fired in a week.
A Marine Corps general and four other senior officers received career-ending letters of censure in the 2020 sinking of a Marine AAV.
The commander and command master chief of the USS Bulkeley were relieved “due to a loss of confidence” in their ability to work as a team.
The five Marines on board the MV-22B Osprey that crashed Wednesday were based out of Marine Corps Air Station Camp Pendleton.
The MV-22B Osprey involved in the crash was based at Marine Corps Air Station Camp Pendleton with Marine Aircraft Group 39, officials said.
A traffic accident killed a San Diego-based Naval Special Warfare sailor and injured four others when their van crashed on a remote California highway.
A Navy report on the grounding of the USS Connecticut submarine found that leadership onboard “fell far below U.S. Navy standards.”
Lt. Kristen Trindle was awarded the Bronze Star for leading a low-profile rescue team credited with saving 961 lives in the evacuation.
The Naval Special Warfare sailor was injured in a helicopter landing incident last week and died Monday, according to Navy officials.
The Navy affirmed plans to mount hypersonic weapons on its Zumwalt-class destroyers, a move that could give new life to aging ship classes.
A sailor says he sought help for strains on his mental health, only to face repeated disciplinary actions, confinement to the ship, and rank reduction.
The Navy has just 298 battle-force ships in its fleet today, and that number is on track to dip even lower in coming years.
The Russian invasion of Ukraine has raised fears among the public about the use of nuclear weapons in Europe or against the United States.
Navy SEALs used Washington’s rugged shorelines for swimming, climbing, and reconnaissance training. Locals objected to the “war games.”
A Navy E-2D Hawkeye crashed off the coast of Virginia Wednesday night, killing one sailor. Two other crew members were taken to the hospital.
Federal agents said a US Navy officer from Florida took cash to pen bogus visa recommendations for Afghans he didn’t even know.
A judge says the Navy can’t remove the commander of a guided missile destroyer until his COVID-19 vaccine mandate lawsuit is resolved.
Chief of Naval Operations Mike Gilday announced the selection of Fleet Master Chief James Honea as the new master chief petty officer of the Navy.
After calls from citizens and lawmakers, the DOD will close the Red Hill fuel storage facility that leaked oil into Pearl Harbor’s drinking water.
After a gnarly crash off the deck of the USS Carl Vinson in January, the Navy has recovered the wreckage of the F-35 Lightning II.