WATCH: Special Forces Veteran Mike Glover Responds to Leaked FBI Documents About Extremist Organizations

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Mike Glover is a former Special Forces sergeant major and CEO of FieldCraft Survival, a company that teaches civilians first aid, fitness, and tactics to better prepare them for emergency situations. Screenshot via YouTube.

Retired Green Beret and ex-government contractor Mike Glover published a response video refuting the FBI’s alleged document suggesting that he and his company are violent extremists. The video has more than 700,000 views at the time this story was written.

In a video posted Thursday, Aug. 4, on his FieldCraft Survival YouTube channel, the 20-year special operations veteran states that an FBI document recently leaked to Project Veritas identifies his company, American Contingency, as a Militia Violent Extremist organization, or MVE.

Coffee or Die Magazine has not reviewed the actual FBI document in question, only screenshots allegedly showing its contents, which are watermarked “Veritas.” The screenshots, which Glover shared in his YouTube video, are labeled “FBI Internal Use Only” and include a list of “historical imagery and quotes” that are commonly used by MVEs — images such as the Gadsden flag, the Punisher skull, and the Betsy Ross flag are all described in the document as symbols often associated with MVE groups.

The alleged FBI document does not explicitly label Glover and the members of his organization “terrorists.” However, under a section titled “Symbols of Militia Networks Some MVEs May Self-Identify With,” it does describe American Contingency as a “Mainstream militia, nationwide, mostly online activity, low history of violence.”

In his YouTube video, Glover contends that the FBI’s characterization of his organization in this document is not only inaccurate, but also injurious to both him and the other members of the group. He says he plans on filing a civil lawsuit against the FBI for defamation of character and also for violating the Privacy Act.

You can see Glover’s entire response to the leaked document in the video above.

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Eric Miller is a former Army Combat Medic from Parkersburg, West Virginia. He holds a bachelor’s degree in history and has worked with homeless populations and veteran services throughout the state. He is an avid outdoorsman and has recently become interested in woodworking.
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