Special Operations

Riding along with future military medics in New Jersey
A Fort Bragg Green Beret and his wife, both born and raised in Ukraine, have shipped $300,000 of aid to Ukraine.
Two senior Army generals mused over what “units of action” — such as pairs of drone-toting soldiers — might look like in the future and whether the Army might need new MOSs.
The mother of a Navy SEAL candidate who died at BUD/S says the Navy and the SEALs failed her son.
The Air Force’s most secret and combat-hardened operators are learning to spot, treat, and prevent moral injury.
How it felt to tell the story of Operation Red Wings, one of the deadliest military mishaps the special operations community has ever experienced.
A Navy SEAL trainee who died hours after completing the training program’s infamous Hell Week had developed pneumonia.
Close to 20 Special Forces soldiers competed in the 2022 Combat Diver Competition at Fort Bragg, testing their diving and maritime skills.
Two Green Berets claimed the title of Best Combat Diver Thursday, June 16, after two days of rigorous competition at Fort Bragg.
In a recent Instagram post, a Navy chaplain’s assistant reposted a video of himself performing an epically, err, jarring parachute landing.
A recommendation for a new name for Fort Bragg — possibly Fort Liberty — may come Tuesday with an announcement from the federal Naming Commission.
Electronics Technician 1st Class Ryan DeKorte died Monday, days after he was injured in a training incident, according to Navy officials.
Lt. j.g. Aaron Fowler, 29, a Navy EOD officer, dies during explosive ordnance training at Marine Corps Base Hawaii in Kaneohe Bay on Wednesday, April 20.
2022 Best Ranger Competition soldiers competed for 58 hours, faced three obstacle courses, traveled 60 miles by foot, and fired 13 weapons.
Four teams from the 75th Ranger Regiment posted a sweep of the top four places of the 38th annual Best Ranger Competition at Fort Benning.
Some of the 28 teams making it to Day 2 of the Army’s Best Ranger Competition managed to get as much as four hours of sleep. Many did not.
The 2022 Best Ranger Competition kicked off Friday at Fort Benning. The 60-hour suckfest will push competitors to their physical and mental limits.
Military Times reported that an investigation into an Afghan commando’s death did not find enough evidence to charge eight Green Berets.
A Ft. Bragg team defended its title in the army’s special operations sniper contest, while a team of French SAS sharpshooters took second.
The Supreme Court said the military could choose not to deploy those who refused a COVID-19 vaccine, ruling against Navy SEALs and others.
The US is sending 100 Switchblade drones to Ukraine, which can eliminate ground personnel and light-armor assets as far as 24 miles away.
Green Beret and mountain warfare instructor Jason Howell is training 24/7 (yes, even while he sleeps) for his Mount Everest climb.
US special operations units are the best in the world, and with each unit’s specialty comes a unique motto to capture their ethos.
Two current members and one veteran of an elite Canadian special forces team are under scrutiny for allegedly supporting a protest at the US-Canada border.
Manslaughter charges were dismissed against a MARSOC medic Wednesday when a military judge ruled that a senior Marine lawyer had threatened lawyers.